David and Regina Richardson became “hooked on daylilies” after Mrs. Mary Frank Gaskins got them started with a “few” daylilies!  She shared her love of hybridizing and they immediately went into hybridizer mode and waited anxiously for their first crosses.  After about 3 years they were engulfed with 1,000 named cultivars and 5,000 seedlings! The rest they say is “history”!

As we arrived at Indian Camp Daylilies we were greeted by the friendly faces of the Richardson’s.  We were invited to tour and we were ready!  The two-acre plot is nestled next to Regina’s father’s pecan orchard. One of their seedling beds is in what used to be a cane field out back and then there is a pond with a fountain in the front.  The pond can be accessed as one wanders through the beds of beautiful reds, yellows, purples, pinks, oranges – just a whole rainbow of colors!  There are hundreds of cultivars in pots for sale as well as seedlings, raised beds and in-ground beds where you see a plethora of bright colors shining out with a variety of styles such as recurves, flats, doubles and teeth.  These colors are accompanied by a variety of other plants such as lantana, gardenias, and climbing roses making themselves comfortable along a fenced bed of daylilies and in between the beds. 

Amid the plethora of flowers sits an inviting screened in picnic area where you get a respite from the sun and have a water and a snack while still being able to gaze longingly at the beautiful array of flowers.  One sees a variety of cultivars and hybridizers names among the flowers such as Gossard, Pierce, Petite, Herrington, Douglas, and Bell to name just a few! One also hears the call of the roosters and hens in the background. Not only that, but the proverbial kitchen sink is found in one area with sunflowers growing happily towards the sun as if to say welcome again! The Richardson’s certainly show how well other hybridizers flowers can grow down in South Georgia.

Fun Fact:  Ever wonder how gardeners come up with a name for their garden? The Richardson’s garden is located on Indian Camp Road, hence the name, however, in keeping with their vision for their garden, think about the initials of Indian Camp Daylilies—ICD. Say those letters out loud—I SEE D… I SEE DAYLILIES! David and Regina want you to “See” Daylilies and boy, do you! Now when you think of the Richardson’s just think I See Daylilies!

David is planning to introduce 4 cultivars this Fall of 2022.  We are looking forward to seeing those soon!  There is a lot of activity going on at Indian Camp Daylilies what with the seedlings, greenhouse plants and pots for sale.  David summed up the garden like this… “We love God’s work; He blesses us every day by showing us His beauty. “  

Before we wrap up, let me share one more thing about David and Regina. David retired in 1994 from the Air Force, then retired from Law Enforcement in 2021.  Regina retired after serving the community as a Speech Language Pathologist.  Between the two of them they have spent their lives in the service of others. We want to thank both Regina and David for their service to their community and nation and are proud to call them our daylily friends!

If you were not on the tour, you need to contact David and Regina so you can visit this special piece of land that has been created with love by David and Regina.  Contact info: Facebook: Indian Camp Daylilies or Daylily Sales Barn or contact them directly at drich2211@yahoo.com or 229-238-1616.